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The rantings of a Ruby developer

Cross Compiling Go Is Easy

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I have found myself spending ever increasing amounts of time developing in Go (golang). Not because I need to, but because it’s a refreshing change from my usual. One thing I was interested in however was simply getting my code to work almost anywhere which is harder with Go seeing as it needs a platform to target.

Learning Ruby: Everything Is an Object

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The first thing to learn about Ruby is that everything is an object. The best way to make use of the languages features are to develop in an Object-Orientated way. This being the first article in many about learning Ruby, I will walk you through classes and objects. Ready?

Getting to Know Go (Golang)

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Being ever on the lookout for cool technologies, I stumbled upon the wonderful new languageGo’. Developed by Google as a means of combatting the flaws and shortcomings of current languages such as Java and C++ when it comes to highly concurrent requirements.

Boxen and My Experience

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Boxen is a new tool that allows new Macs to be quickly set-up using the same technologies that sysops have become accustomed to, Puppet. Now Puppet has it’s own language to define what actions are executed on target machine. It was originally developed to help prepare cloud servers for easier management/deployment.